Power Steering & Brake Fluid Exchange

Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service - $49 Plus Fluid

Most vehicles today do not use a generic power steering fluid. Many use vehicle specific fluids or may use automatic transmission fluid. Use of anything else other than what your vehicle calls for may/will cause damage and void your vehicle's warranty. We always recommend using only the vehicle specific power steering fluid specified by the vehicle's manufacturer.

Brake Master Fluid Exchange Service - $49 Includes Fluid

Brake fluid is as clear as water when it is new. Any other darker color means there is moisture in it.

90-95% of all ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) controller failures is caused by contaminated brake fluid. Most vehicle manufacturers would like you to flush the entire system every other year. Because brake fuild is hydroscopic (attracts water to it), most new vehicles require the vehicle specific scan tool to enable you to bleed/flush the entire brake system. Your vehicle's brake system is a safety item. For that reason, we at Smith's recommend flushing just the master cylinder once a year. We will let it do the work by pulling the moisture out of the lower part of the system.

Advantages: Less Cost & helps keeps ahead of problems.

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