Vehicle Corrosion Information

As of this date, this information is correct.

Interesting information you might like to know:

The state is using either calcium chloride or magnesium chloride to keep ice off the roads. When the state makes the claim that it is less corrosive than the old salt/sand, they are correct - to a point.

What they don't tell you is when you re-wet it, it re-corrodes. The result is brake lines rusting out approximately every 2-3 years. Car manufacturers may be recommending to not wash your vehicle during winter unless you find a car wash that uses a freshwater wash and a freshwater rinse.

A car wash that does is the Irving station on Union St, across from the Healthcare Mall.


If storing your vehicle, be sure to store it with an empty tank. Ethanol has an affinity for water. Gas line de-icer is made of either methanol or isopropyl alcohol, chemical relatives of ethanol. This means water in the air will be drawn into the fuel. This accelerates the fuel’s degradation and decreases combustibility. While the exposure to air is reduced in fuel-injected applications, it still is a factor. Combined with the alkaline reactivity of ethanol, fuel system components can suffer. Because of this, the state of Maine is pending working with Irving to produce a non-ethanol gasoline.

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